Term 1 Week 2

1) Subject Representative

2) AFL Briefing

3) Modified Introductory Speech

“Good morning principals, teachers and fellow students. Today we gather here to celebrate our school’s tenth anniversary. Gracing us today with her presence is our guest-of-honour Mrs Jasmine Soh. Mrs Soh was the first president of our student council and she graduated in 2001. She won the National Young Designer award last year and has actively contributed to the local arts scene. She is indeed a role model and we have much that we can learn from her. Please give her a big round of applause as she joins us on stage. Mrs Soh please.”

4) Tenses Practice

5) Reminder on assignment

1) Speech Editing Assignment Review  (Modelling) – Pg 111


2) Personal Recount Lesson

3) Synonyms Activity

4) Graded Assignment

Due Date: 17 Jan 2018 – Wed

Essay Length: 350 to 500 words

Question: A time when your family celebrated a special event.
– What was the event?
– How did you and your family feel before, during and after the celebration?


Question: A time when you did something special with your friends.
– What did you do?
– How did you and your friends feel before, during and after the occasion?